Terms and conditions of sale

Clause n° 1 : Purpose

The terms and conditions of sale described below detail the rights and obligations of both VISIXO and its customers relatively to the supply of the following services: Photos, plans and 360° virtual tours.

All the services delivered by VISIXO imply the complete support without reserve of the customer to the present terms and conditions of sale.

Clause n° 2 : Prices

The prices will be the ones recorded at the date of the order. They are expressed in Euros and tax free. They will consequently be increased by the VAT rate recorded on the date of the order. The prices include the travel costs within Paris. Outside the city, a quotation will be established.

The prices may be increased at any time. Nevertheless, VISIXO will charge the customer with the prices recorded at the time of acceptance of the order.

Clause n° 3 : Rebates and discounts

The prices include the rebates and discounts which VISIXO could afford in consideration of the volume of orders.

Clause n° 4 : Deduction

There will be no deduction in case of advance payment.

Clause n° 5 : Means of payment

The payment can be made by:

  • Check ;
  • Bank transfer ;
  • PAYPAL ;
  • Cash Payment;


Clause n° 6 : Late payment

In case of a partial or full non-payment of the services, the customer will be charged by VISIXO with a penalty equal to three times the legal interest rate.

The legal interest rate will be the official rate recorded at the date of the delivery of the services.

From 1st January 2015, the legal interest rate will be revised every 6 months (Ordinance n°2014-947 dated 20 August 2014). This penalty is based on the remaining unpaid amount (including VAT), and starts from the date the amount is due. No formal notice from VISIXO to the customer will be required.

In addition to the penalty for late payment, all amounts, including the down-amount if not paid at the due date, will generate of right the payment of a 40 Euros fixed allowance to cover the collection costs.
Article 441-6, I paragraph 12 and D. 441-5 du code de commerce.

Clause n° 7 : Termination clause

If, within the 15 days following the implementation of the Clause for Late Payment, the customer has not paid the remaining unpaid amounts, the sale will automatically be cancelled and VISIXO will be authorized to request a compensation.

Clause n° 8 : Reservation of property

VISIXO will retain the ownership of the services until the purchase price and all other amounts owed by the customer have been paid.

Clause n° 9 : Delivery

The delivery is made either:

  • by E-mail ;
  • by a server paltform ;

The delivery time provided when the order is recorded is given as an indication and could not be guaranteed.

Consequently a reasonable delay in the delivery of the services will not lead the customer:
  • to receive a compensation for damages ;
  • to cancel the order


Clause n° 10 : Force majeure

VISIXO will not be held responsible if the non-execution or the delay in the execution of one of its commitments, such as described in the present “Terms and Conditions of Sale”, is due to a case of force majeure. In the present context, “force majeure” means any exterior, unpredictable and compelling event, in the legal sense of Article 1148 of the “Code Civil”.

Clause n° 11 : Competent tribunal

Any disagreement relative to the interpretation and the execution of the present “Terms and Conditions of Sale” is referred to the French Law.

In cases where no amicable agreement can be reached, the disagreement will be brought before the “Tribunal de Commerce”.

Clause n° 12 : Real estate section

The real estate section and its content are under the responsibility of VISIXO’s customers (professionals and private owners).

The location of the real estate properties and the images are for indicative purpose only.


Clause n° 13 : Plans

In the Plans section, VISIXO proposes plans with and without measurements, in 2D and 3D formats. These plans, and especially the measurements, are for indicative purpose only.