The plans allow your customer or potential buyers to have a better visibility of the site.
We can transform an existing plan (paper sketch or other …) in a model to fit your needs.

Our plans are clickable and thus interactivewhen they are integrated into the virtual visits.

We offer the following options :

  • 2D plan with dimensions and ceiling height
  • 3D plan with/without a shadows and light effect
  • Orientation of the apartment (North…)
  • Supporting walls

The plans are delivered in Jpeg HD format and are consequently compatible with all support platforms, just like the photos.

On the basis of a 3 rooms flat (i.e. 5 rooms, taking into account the kitchen and the bathroom), the measurement takes approximately 30 minutes.

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2D plan with dimensions and ceiling height
3D plan with shadows and light effect(Extra EUR 10 ex-Tax)
3D Plan